As a core hospital located in the southeastern part of Chiba prefecture, Kameda Medical Center offers a comprehensive healthcare services including emergency/acute care, rehabilitation care and home health care with competent staffs and cutting-edge technologies. With nearly 1,000 beds, and 3000 employees (including400 M.D.f s and nearly 800 nurses) the Center offers a broad spectrum of high-quality health care services provided through team-oriented and patient - centered approach. The Centerf stance and commitment to galways put the patients firsth and to value the pursuit of advanced and innovative health care services have been supported by people who visit not only from local communities but also from across the country and abroad.

In order to implement patient-centered care and invite patients to participate in their own care, it is important that they are well informed about their own health information. Here, each patient has access to his/her own medical records through internet using the secure electronic medical record system called, gPlanet.h .

In order to provide our students with high-quality and upto- date nursing information, it is essential that our faculty is well informed about the clinical sites through close linkage between the College and Clinical Sites. As such, the College and the Medical Center have entered into the collaborative agreement named, gUnification,h where staffs from both institutions exchange expertise thereby receiving mutual benefits with an ultimate advantage to student learning. . Through this arrangement, the faculty engage with clinical and research activities at the clinical sites, and in turn, staffs from the hospital assist with lectures and clinical Learning.

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